composition - all sizes
1100 millimetre height table
750 millimetre height table
400 millimetre height table
table end detail
board with a rail & trestle plate intersection detail - side
board with a rail & trestle plate intersection detail - top

Collapsible trestle table without fixing elements.

With initial idea of an “open source” design it evolved to a simple interlocking system table. Extended aluminium trestle plate ends breaks static appearance and points toward pragmatic feel and definition of environment. Elements are defined as separate but forms a reassuring composition with feel of lightness.

Solid oak table top with bespoke rail system sits on self-interlocking aluminium plate trestles. Two pieces of trestle are designed to work individually allowing appropriate weight loads and stability

Tabletop board measures 2100x750x40 millimetres and available in different wood materials. Selected trestle heights for construction of 1100, 750 and 400 millimetre height tables for broader design adoptability.