by formforyou

Restaurant JONAS, a luxury restaurant in Stockholm, is run by award winning chef Jonas Lundgren. On Fleminggatan 39, in the middle of the hectic city life, you’ll find this Scandinavian urban oasis. The restaurant is divided in two parts- the Restaurant and the Food & Wine Bar. The building itself is from the 1940th and the one thing remaining in the space, intact and just as beautiful as back then, is a wall covered with hand painted tiles by the Jobs sisters. The motif- representing the Swedish fauna, the meadows and the nature- has been the base of the work by the design studio formforyou.

“The presence of the nature is most noticeable in Sweden and also in the work of many artists, architects and designers. We wanted to capture this “nature- spirit” in our work and translate it into a modern urban context. The tiled wall and what it represents became our main source of inspiration. We have chosen to interpret the nature both in stylistic manners and in one, absolutely, natural way.”

This “absolutely natural way” is reflected the installation of a living green wall of some 30 square meters. This vertical garden contributes in many ways to the space: keeping a good air, absorbing the sound, looking pretty but primarily it gives fresh herbs to the kitchen! Jonas is the first restaurant in Stockholm to have its own herbal garden!

The more stylistic interpretation of nature is more visible in the entrance of the restaurant. Here, white painted poles creates a forest which cleverly also function as a room divider. The perforated metal sheet cassettes in the ceiling has the abstract pattern of leaves. The main light, placed above the cassettes, strengthen the feeling of being underneath a foliage. But other details also reminds you of the nature- the ceramic vase with three “branches” and also the tube lamps in various lengths in the ceiling.

The Restaurant has a clever system of curtains making it possible to create different seizes of chambre separée. Either you can make two smaller circles, with space for six people, or a big rectangle, with space for around 22 people. The light brown fabric used is a rather sheer, letting some light passing through but without being to revealing.

The base of colors are the naturals- white, off-white, light brown and black. The vertical garden wall adds the accent color of green. The shapes in the room are round and the materials soft. The combination of colors, shapes and materials make this space harmonious and luxurious in a perfect balance.

The atmosphere and the attitude in the Food & Wine Bar differs quite a lot from the Restaurant. The main colors are white and black, but here ends the similarities with the Restaurant. Red as accent color makes the color balance of the space more edgy. The lines are also sharper and more pronounced- The carpet has been cut in rhomb-like shapes, creating an interesting pattern with pointed edges and the thread curtains in the windows have been cut in angles.

The tiled wall by the Jobs sisters in the Restaurant can really been looked upon as a image of its time and the designers wanted the Food & Wine Bar to also have a big wall art, as a reflection of the 21th century. They invited graffiti architect Disey to create a mural art work on the wall next to the bar. This artwork picks up the color red, the lines and angles of the rest of the room and consequently the whole atmosphere of the room is reinforced.

The bar is rather generous in seize and can fits around 15 people eating. The Food & Wine Bar also provides the possibility to make a small chambre separée. The chair used in the Food & Wine Bar is designed by formforyou and produced by Lundbergs Contract. The chair was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award 2011.

The first thing you actually see when entering the restaurant is a “show kitchen”. This is a kind of laboratory kitchen, where small courses are being prepared and plates get a final touch before being brought out to the guests, maybe herbs from the vertical garden is added…. The idea of placing this “show kitchen” right at the entrance is to give the guests an immediate idea of where they are and what the essence in the establishment is – food…
The laboratory feeling of the show kitchen is underlined by working benches in stainless steel. The front is also in stainless steel with a perforated symmetrical circular pattern. This front piece is the same one which has been used to cover the radiators underneath all of the windows. The turquoise colored glass tiles on the walls have been chosen in order to give more depth to the space. The big piece of glass falling down from the ceiling and the glass attached to the top of the work bench creates a frame to the whole show kitchen and the person working.

It’s often said that the standard of a restaurants’ restrooms is a reflexion of the standard of the kitchen. At restaurant Jonas the standard of the kitchen is one of the best in Stockholm. Accordingly, the theme of the restrooms is luxury, to match this high end kitchen. It is not the sleek kind of luxury but rather a raw one, ceramic floor tiles resembling to oxidized sheets of metal and materials like brass and copper which will get a beautiful patina when aging. Big tinted mirrors makes the rooms larger and gives your face a nice tanned look.

In addition to the interior formforyou has also created numerous customized products for the restaurant. The armchair is one example. In the Restaurant, where you spend several hours at table, a comfortable chair is of most importance. After having enjoyed a nine-course meal, it shouldn’t be the chair that makes you get up… The serving trolleys and the liqueur trolley are also custom made for the restaurant as well as the three-armed vase (made by Swedish potter Karin Eriksson).

The Chefs’ Table, placed just close to the main kitchen, is another beautiful creation by formforyou. Made from a big piece of log and with legs in black lacquered metal it creates a nice contrast to the shiny kitchen. The chair Leo used in the Food & Wine Bar is yet another design by formforyou. The producer is Lundbergs Contract. The chair was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award 2011.

formforyou has chosen to work mainly with Swedish companies, producers and artists. Why? To make this restaurant like a small window to nice Swedish things. Amongst the producers we see Lundbergs Contract for chairs, arm chairs and table tops. Zero is the company behind all decorative lightning in the Food and Wine Bar as well as the beautiful lamp RGB by Fredrik Matson. Stockholm based carpentry Lerch has constructed all carpentry details and Bolons carpet covers the floor in the entire restaurant (except kitchen area and rest rooms). Creative B&B Sweden has delivered all door nobs and wall hangers. The famous vertical garden is being produced by GreenWorks.