My name is Jan Skácelík and I’m a graphic designer from Czech Republic, creating retro, mid century modern, typography and pop culture inspired poster prints. I opened my store handz.etsy.com in 2010 when I introduced some never did before prints inspired by classic Scandinavian design icons (Cahtrineholm, Stig Lindberg etc) combined with inspiring typography quotes.

I’m still new small handmade store and so I’m looking for some ways how to get known to new people – I found your beautiful blog and I believe your readers could like what I do, so I want to ask you would not be interested (in case you like my work) to do a small post about my works, of course I can also offer some prints fro giveaway or for you – just let me know.

it is hard to be artist now days as whenever you do something successful lots of people start to copy you, so I would be thankful for any support

Hope to hear from you,

thank you very much
Jan Skácelík