RETAL shelf, clock and CD organizer
RETAL knives wall and glass containers organizers

RETAL wall coat racks
RETAL small coat rack

RETAL shelf in use
RETAL wall clocks
RETAL small clock
RETAL large clock

RETAL is the spanish word given by woodworkers for wood waste.

Wood is a very important natural resource and one of the few renewable, but due to the wide usage of it all over the world for producing diverse products this renewal process has been compromised and the environmental impact from extraction and disposal of this material is really big.

RETAL is a project done in San Juan de Pasto, which intends to minimize this impact by re-using some pieces of the wasted wood resulting from the furniture fabrication in the small workshops of the city to create new products, which otherwise would end up in dumping sites or incinerated, generating less wasted material as well as economical profit.

Finally the project became an alternative for economic and social development, which promotes ecological culture.

RETAL is developed by Alexandra Pascuaza Rivera and Wilmer Rolando Lopez as Final Project to get the Industrial Design Bachelor degree at Industrial Design Program at Universidad de Nariño, Pasto, Colombia, leaded by professor Danilo Calvache Cabrera.