Rethink The Way You Live by Amanda Talbot photos by Mikkel Vang
Front cover of Rethink The Way You Live
Rethink: The Way You Live inside Living With Nature chapter
Rethink: The Way You Live - Photos by Mikkel Vang Everchanging Space Chapter
Rethink: The Way You Live - Photo by Mikkel Vang - Holisitic Living Chapter - Oil burner by Page Thirtythree
Author of Rethink: The Way You Live - Amanda Talbot
Rethink: The Way You Live - Photo by Mikkel Vang - Downsizing Chapter
Rethink: The Way You Live - Photo by Mikkel Vang - Back To Basics Chapter
Rethink: The Way You Live - Photo by Mikkel Vang - Mobile Living
Rethik: The Way You Live - Photo by Mikkel Vang - Everchanging Space

I hope you are well and had a gorgeous weekend. I know you must receive thousands of requests everyday BUT I am such a fan of your blog and I was wondering if you might review my book Rethink: The Way You Live published by Murdoch Books. I have been such a fan of your site FOREVER and it would blow me away to get a little mention on a site like Mocoloco. Rethink: The Way You Live is not your typical interior design book and I believe your readers will really connect to it. I traveled with Copenhagen based photographer Mikkel Vang to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, London, New York, Japan, & Australia to document global design trends within our homes and our communities. The book sold out in the UK within 3 weeks and it has finally been reprinted. It has been an amazing ride because there hasn’t been very much press on the book but people seem to be finding it and embracing it. US publishers so far have not taken the book on because they feel the book is too political. I can assure it’s not. I just highlight real facts with real design and lifestyle trends. It would mean so much for you to support the book and help get all the hard work shown to a bigger audience. It would be a dream come true if I can get the book published in the US. At the moment for US folk they can purchase copies on Amazon. My heart aches for all things design and helping people to live a healthier happier life in their homes. My big thing with Rethink to be honest was to show people that they are not alone. I believe so many people over the last few years feel like they have failed themselves and their families because they can’t provide a home that their parents provided for them. I want to tell people that its OK… The reality is most of us are not going to live in four bedroom homes with a big front and back yard. The reality is most of us are going to be living in apartments and our children are more likely to share their bedrooms. For some families they are going to only be able to afford studios or 1 bedroom homes. BUT I want to show them that there are solutions to design your home to fit your family and that they can live well in our high density cities.

I would love to send you a copy to review but in the meantime you can look on this website http://www.bettinawinkler.com/projects/rethink-the-way-you-live-2/ to give you a good feel for the book. I have attached a few images inside the book. FYI there is a hole punched through the book (metaphorical purpose is to represent looking through to your future) the pink dots indicate where the hole is positioned on the page.

I have included some of the reviews so far below and as you can see it is mainly press from little old Australia.

Volkswagen partnered with me and made this short video about the book http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-DQPA7sqlU

The Sydney Morning Herald quote “Talbot has just published Rethink: The Way You Live, a luscious, hardcover book aimed at challenging and inspiring us to reconsider the way we design our homes.”


The Design Files state

“This is one of the most unique and timely home interiors and lifestyle books I have seen in such a long time! Balancing beautiful photography with earnest, thoughtful inquiry around our changing ideals and lifestyles, Rethink really does feel like a breath of fresh air in the world of interiors publishing”.


The Sun Herald captured one of the micro trends in the book, in the growing popularity for young professionals who live in cities owning quails which I discuss in Self Sufficient Living chapter.


Inside Out Magazine voted it as the book they love in their Nov / December issue

Vogue Living have included it as one of their books for the month

Sunday Life Magazine shared with its 1.4million readers last weekend Rethink: The Way You Live is a Christmas must have.

“Not only is this book so full of glorious pictures and outstanding design that it should take the place of pride on your coffee table, but it is full of useful, innovative and important ideas and concepts. What I enjoyed most is that although the book presents a large range of big ideas on living more sustainably and changing the way we treat our homes and daily life, it never took on a “preachy” tone”. Urban Submarine

“Rethink looks at the relationship between human and home, and challenges our already existing functions and design of our surrounding environment. Rethink explores the way the world is rapidly changing and, in turn, our needs are changing with it. Do we need a home office when all we see in sight is a laptop and an iPad? Is a bedroom only used for sleeping? Through imagery, Amanda takes us around the world to highlight inspired designs and tell-tale signs of what the future holds for design that ‘rethinks’ its purpose, functionality, and form. This round-the-world trip in Rethink highlights the global nature of this need in the design and architecture industry”. Ed and Ruby

A little about me

It’s been stated I’m “the ultimate snoop on good design & latest trends”. I’m an internationally renowned authority on interiors, style and design. As an editor & design consultant, I’ve worked for some of the biggest decor magazines and design firms on the planet.

As well as being an industry respected creative I’ve been trend forecasting for global brands including IKEA and managed the international launch for WGSNs new online design and interiors site homebuildlife.com – encouraging brands to rethink the future of their industries.

Ex Associate Editor of British ELLE Decoration & Home Editor of Livingetc, I’ve been at the centre of emerging trends and I’ve written extensively on how we live with everyday objects in the home.

I made my Australian television debut as a main Judge and mentor on Channel 9, TOP DESIGN hosted by Jamie Durie in 2011. In 2012 I published Rethink: The Way You Live with Murdoch Books. My book Rethink which focused on global living trends in the home and local communities sold out within three-weeks in the UK. It is currently being reprinted and available again late May 2013. I’ve recently been commissioned to produce my second book with Murdoch Books called Happy: How To Achieve Happiness Through Design, released in 2014. I am also working with City of Sydney to create the Happy Home Project which will provide revolutionary affordable housing for Sydney’s homeless.

Please find attached a press release and some images from Rethink.

Best wishes,