We had a contact before – with the publication of the parametric, cnc-cut, wood cavish coffe called “zmianatematu” in ?ód?, Poland – that I’ve designed with the xm3 group.

I am writing to you on publication of our concept project in the pages of your magazine. Our design has had already the opportunity to be published in Gazeta Wyborcza, and other online and printed newspapers.

The “Reunite the River with our City” is a public initiative of Warsaw based architecture studio – 4am Architekci. As living, learning and working in Warsaw architects we feel an obligation to use our knowledge and experience for the public benefit. We aim to distribute our work between paid and non-profit conceptual projects according to the 80/20 rule.

We invited recognized and respected individuals representing the circle of Warsaw enthusiasts, design offices and organizations working for the public good. Thanks to this, our work is not only the result of 4am Architects experience, but is also contributed by: Warsaw Development (Forum Rozwoju Warszawy), SISKOM, RS Architektura Krajobrazu and Piotr Fedak.

We send you the design, we worked over the past 3 months. We hope that there will be some space in the pages of your magazine to publish our concept.

Link to the presentation pdf – reduced (PL): <-This is a polish presentation but it is complete and in pdf file format – so I presume it is the easiest way to get a full glance on the topic given the little amount of data to download


Link to all materials – for the Web:

Link to all materials – for web (selection):