RGB Lighting, Wall-mounted edge-lit Chroma fin, 3form NYC showroom
RGB Lighting, Wall-mounted Edge-lit Chroma fin, 3form NYC showroom
Wall-mounted, Knife-shaped Edge-Lit Chroma Fins with RGB Lighting
Wall-mounted, Knife-shaped Edge-Lit Chroma Fin with RGB Lighting
RGB Lighting, Wall-mounted Edge-lit Chroma fin
Chroma, RGB Lighting
RGB edge lighting was used in the countertop and wall fins in this installation.
Chroma lit with RGB Lighting in Scott's Seafood, San Jose, CA.

3form, design leader in lit translucent material solutions, introduces dynamic illumination components providing designers and architects another tool to control the user experience in the built environment. Technology once found at rock concerts, nightclubs and Jumbotrons is now available as a dynamic lighting solution for reception areas, walls, columns, shelving and partitions.

“Designers and architects are always looking for new tools to bring vibrancy and life into the spaces they create—RGB lighting technology is another tool to control occupant experience beyond the natural cycle of daylight,” says Steve Rogers, 3form Hardware, Lighting and ReadyToGo VP, of these new lighting options.

3form has the proprietary parts and expert team to deliver small projects on a tight budget, or highly complex large-scale installations. Whether utilizing a simple controller for a monochromatic effect or partnering with a world-class programmer to create an energetic ever-changing display, 3form ensures the success of lit translucent material solutions.

The 3form lighting expertise is a key capability alongside advanced fabrication, material science and engineering competency to produce best-in-class architectural, lit translucent material solutions.