fine combination of glass, wood and fabric
exaple of different table sizes
course of action

Ring Table collection By Serena Marco

The ring ,union symbol par excellence, has been chosen for its simplicity and power to communicate. It represents effectively the union overcoming specificity in Europe construction.
Using ring shape creates a collection of tables of different sizes, colors and intended use: from storage base, to set aside couch or bed, to small glove box.
Big and small rings made of wood, sharply used in structure and legs construction, so thin that almost disappear when considering the essential round shape.
Wood shades range from dark colors with barely visible grains, to lighter shades, until dovegrey and aquamarine. On the top part, the use of glass, available in different colors, provides some refinement to these furniture complements.
Finally , the external cover in fabric, made with different padding, color and texture, gives unique personality to each table.

Made by Arredamenti Visentin + Alessandro Lunardi.
Designed for CASA EUROPA project – Euro Decennial . Photos: Alessandro Guerriero