Jewelry designer Amir Friedman had been looking for a way to get his designs seen. After going through all the old tried and tired methods he finally had an “ah hah!” moment. He made several hundred plastic replicas of his designs. He painted them gold and silver, added a fancy tag and hid them around Tel Aviv. The reactions from the crowds were quick to come. People were loving them.
One of the first places Amir hit was the Tel Aviv gay pride parade. Known as one of THE parties to be at in all of the Mediterranean. The rings were snatched up as fast as he could get them out. You can see some photos here:


He then hit some high scale art events, and also kept on hiding the rings in streets and alleys. Passersby found them and sent him photos of themselves with the rings. You can find those photos here:


Rings about town, Amir’s guerilla campaign, was an overnight hit. Orders for real gold jewelry started pouring in. Now all that’s left is to decide which city around the world the rings should hit next.

The designs used were from Amir Friedman’s CRAFTOPHILIA collection. Check out these eye-catching designs at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AmirFriedman

Amir Friedman is an industrial goldsmith. He is a designer of fine metal jewelry for men and women, as well as high-end lifestyle objects. In his studio practice Amir creates unique small and limited editions as well as one of a kind custom designs. He specializes in luxurious minimalism that is relevant and contemporary. The high craftsmanship of his work and eye catching designs have gained him acclaimed awards and his work has featured in a number of exhibitions. He has taught in both Israel and the United States.