I am pleased to introduce “Rings” for Artek USA.
Rings will be part of the Design Trust for Public Spaces event which supports public spaces in New York City.
Also please cerebrate the “Stool 60” by Alvar Aalto’s 80th anniversary!


Contained within a single tree is its unabridged chronicle
Year by year, never skipping a beat, it records its history slowly.
Some lines speak of seasons of plenty, while others cry of famine.
The size of the rings are never the same.
Each engraving bears witness to battles waged in the name of survival.

To observe such is to humble ourselves to nature’s love of life.
This celebration was created by layering upon the chair’s beautiful geometric shape, a complex and organic graphic of life.
My hope is that the Artek “Stool 60” will evoke the bounty of nature as seen by the passage of 80 years of time.