Riudavets USA

Hope you are well and thank you for your time. Kindly consider Riudavets avarcas, traditional handmade sandals for summer must have.

From the island of Menorca, a protected biosphere off the coast of Spain, avarcas are a symbol of island life, simplicity and respect for the environment. The Riudavets family continue to make avarcas using the same methods passed down from generations. Comfortable and hand-made from premium Spanish leather, they still carry many characteristics of those worn yesterday: a classic tire sole made of 100% recycled rubber; a fine suede inner lining; greased leather and a hidden border stitch.

Ingrained in the Mediterranean lifestyle, avarcas add a sophisticated yet understated flair for any occasion. They are a stylish update to flip-flops or Birkenstocks, and perfect for those who prefer an open-toe alternative. And just like your favorite pair of jeans, avarcas are meant to be broken-in and last through many seasons.

Worn by local farmers to the Spanish Royal family, Riudavets avarcas are now being introduced stateside. We are happy to send you a pair, please send us your mailing address, European size and color preference. Thank you for your consideration.


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