ROO_The Lightness Embracing Me
ROO_Table and light
ROO_With rest time
ROO_With rest time

ROO_The Lightness Embracing Me

“For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy”_Psalms63:7

Modern people live with emptiness and loneliness even though their life is richer than before. They need to get out of the emotional hunger that gets severer as they get richer, and need some place to take a rest in, the resting place for their mind. I want them to experience the ‘His Shade’ which is a shelter for the self, through line-adding.

Design Concept_
Let’s feel the sunlight and the breeze touching my skin. As I draw more lines on the chair, the line create a space protecting me with the visual lightness. When I am in this chair without closure, the breath of the space and the rhythmical song of the emotion come to me.
I expressed ‘His Shade’ through lines being not filled of overlapping.