Entrance_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Bar_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Main Room_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Main room_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Privatizable room_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Banquettes_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Outdoor_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Night_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Night_ photo (c) Annik Wetter
Night 2_ photo (c) Annik Wetter

Allegory Studio was asked by its client, an entertainment entrepreneur, to design a restaurant & bar elegant enough to attract the important business crowd, mostly at lunch, and trendy enough to be the perfect location for a first date, an afterwork, a dinner or an evening with some friends. Set in a contemporary renovated building, on one of the most luxuriest streets in the world, the place had to be unique and unlike the other places in town.

Taking inspiration from both the Parisian traditional brasseries and the New York minimal and raw spaces, Allegory Studio tried to create a space which could be seen as a bridge between both of these atmospheres. The main concern in designing the restaurant, was its main attribute, which is undoubtly the view on the lake. The space is organized in such way that the number of seats with a lake-view is maximized and that the circulation between the different spaces is optimized. The central kitchen, with an open view on 3 of its 4 sides, hierarchizes the restaurant spaces, by creating different
slightly different atmospheres around it. Bistro tables and hybrid “sofa-chairs”, banquettes and stools are displayed to maximize the experience and for the guests to enjoy the venue in different ways. The restaurant features an area that can be converted into a conference and meeting dinning room with its own access. Clients seated in this special space will be able to appreciate a site-specific artwork by the French artist Camille Rousseau, with whom Allegory
Studio had already worked on a previous project.

Following two well established processes of the young yet emerging studio: the twist, which consist in revisiting some very strong and identifiable brand or context codes, and the fusion, where different materials are confronted and combined in unconventional ways. Rooftop°42 refers to all the traditional codes of a Parisian brasserie with banquettes, tiles on the floor, flooring and wooden chairs, as well as to all the nightlife/clubbing codes by using elements such as glass, metal, music and lights. Aside from the technical aspect of the project, its complexity mainly consisted in balancing the different
DNA of each of these universe, and to achieve an effective symbiosis.

The floor is a good example to describe the phenomena. Allegory chose to incrust contemporary tiles and RGB controlable Led-lit glass slabs in a mechanically used oak parquet. The incrusted elements were split in the room to be more present in the most delicate areas such as the bar, the entrance or the dance floor.

The technical part of this project being quite complex, Allegory Studio teamed up with the well-established Geneva-based firm Patrice Reynaud Architectes Associés.