Rose motives
Roses and lines
Three-dimensional motives

Although the motive of ‘ rose’ have been taken from the traditional Bosnian carpets, and later re-designed by modernist methods of deconstruction and multiplication, this rug transcends cultural boundaries. It is designed so that, by it’s quality and aesthetics, becomes universal and accepted anywhere in the world.
‘?ul’ is the old name in the Balkans for the rose flower. This motive belongs to the vegetable motifs, and symbolizes feminine beauty and birth of the world. Symbolizes the past, present and future time because roses are made from the seeds, buds and flowers. Often occurs in combination with other motifs, such as the bird motifs.
Geometric motifs are asymmetrically placed, grouped around the upper edge of the carpet. The composition consists of a central, large motif in the top corner of the carpet, which escapes from the frame and five smaller motifs grouped around a central motif. The motifs are arranged in the one half of the entire area. Such a dynamic set motifs, calms the rest of the composition that is balanced and static. Expression is emphasized by the transition into the third dimension.
Fiber height alternates from 9, 12, 18 and 25 mm.
Carpet is made from 100% natural materials (100 % wool, cotton). Made by the technique of manual tufting.