Rotating bowl for fruit 1
Rotating bowl for fruit 2
Rotating bowl for fruit 3
Rotating bowl for fruit 4
Rotating bowl for fruit 5
Rotating bowl for fruit 6

Rotating bowl for fruit
First thing I did in my research was map of mind based on fruits. After certain number of associations I got to the one idea, which is seasons.
Conclusion of the research is that the human organism which is supposed to adjust to every season and key statement is: one should live in line with nature. In the era of globalization in the last decade it has come to the diet disorder and the way in which the food is consumed, including fruits. My bowl is drafted in terms of coming back to natural balance, i.e. spring products are consumed in spring, summer products in summer, etc.
I came to this shape of a bowl by making working models of paper. The concept of the bowl is based on the seasons. The shape can be adjusted in terms that one can rotate the bowl and can get the inner space of it designed for the fruits of a certain season.
The bowl is made of walnut wood. It is composed of seven geometric shapes which are broken out. Every part of the shapes is made with special wood working, and then cutting. Joins of the bowl are glued with special glue for the wood.
Form of the bowl is clear, made of the broken out shapes, which with their sharp lines provide dynamic of a product.