with sofa1
with sofa2
family : mono color + wood base
rendering with wood base and cement base

Concept (english)
This is a side table, which can be rotated like a desk lamp and can be moved where ever you like.
Since the base is made with heavy material, the table will not turn over, though the base seems too small for supporting the entire product.
On the other hand, the top of the table is very thin, and the structure is fine.
The impression of lightness is given to the table by this visual effect.
More over, by the rotating and turning movement of the table top, the impression of light weight is emphasized.

Although the area of the surface is small, the movability of the tabletop can offer larger area of surfaces than it really is.
The base can be made with metal, cement, or wood block.

IIt is third project in this year that I got so many attention from visitors.
I have some movies.
I hope they explain well the function.
However unfortunately I don’t know well haw to prepare…
Shall you download complete movies from this address and adjust them?