A new and fresh interpretation of a classic icon of simpler times from Los Angeles based artist Eddy Sykes combines the concepts of what we remember to be fun and carefree, and what we desire in our contemporary lives.

A tire swing hung from an enormous old oak tree tucked into the background landscape of a summer cottage or lake house is a memory most of us have as a child. Visually, its proportions are standardized and constant, even the smell of the rubber can be recalled to an almost exacting degree. It’s function was questionable, as it was never intended for its final configuration, but it worked none the less.

The artist has taken the notion of that swing, and simply updated it into a contemporary mindset. The result, a handcrafted leather and bronze luxury interpretation of the classic tire swing! Introducing the Rubicon swing by Eddy Sykes.

The construction of the Rubicon Swing takes over one hundred hours of hand forming, stitching, sewing and assembly. Premium leather hides are chosen, cut and hand dyed before they are shaped and formed using custom tooling made by the artist. The leather is wetted and stretched over a sculpted two piece form, and left to dry. Once all of the parts are dried and fitted together, the assembly is sewn together using saddle making techniques employed by a master leather worker.

The swings protruding 3 dimensional forms are reminiscent of old tractor tire treads, but are actually geometrically stylized gothic arch compositions. The stitching is both ‘Cowboy’ and ‘Kelly’. Dressage, with a bit of Rodeo.

Each swing is then edged and heat burnished using the same waxes, dyes and processes employed in the preeminent lux atelier’s of Europe: A time consuming and extremely exacting craft that is executed by only the most skilled craftsman in the studio.

Of course hand made bronze hardware details round out the piece with a touch of showmanship!

Each Rubicon is signed and numbered by the artist.
The Rubicon Swing is a limited edition of 10

Material- Leather Hide veg tan, Bridle leather. Bronze, Saddle felt, poly form.
Dimensions – 32” in Dia. Apx 10” in height. hanging length is 52”’

Photos: Dimitri Newman