rugiada at work
rugiada explanation
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rugiada perspective

ddpstudio has won expo 2015 prize in the competition “The hand’s thought” sponsored by Bosch and patronised by Expo Milano and ADI with a new kind of watering device called “Rugiada”.

thanks to air and ground humidity measuring, rugiada is able to grow plants by adjusting the irrigation and avoiding water waste. the project came out from a reflection on the collaboration between hand, mind and technology.

the jury panel, composed by milan triennale president, a member of adi (italian design association), bosch and exponenti, has selected rugiada of ddpstudio as the project that best interprets the spirit of the theme “ feed the planet-energy for life”

how it works:

rugiada is designed for small and medium vegetable’s gardens. after inserting it in the ground, the user selects the vegetable’s typology and the garden’s dimension he wants to irrigate; the device’s sensors automatically register soil and air’s humidity and schedule the most suitable timetable and kind of irrigation (atomization, revolving sprinkle, dropping).

rugiada is made up of five main elements: a humidity sensor inside the metal head, that is inserted in the ground, a photocell for the radiation’s detection, a plug-in for water pipes (also suitable for a network installation), a ring for manual selection, an irrigation’s nozzle.

its shape reminds the divining rod and it’s designed to ease hand’s gestural action, from selecting the ring to inserting de device in the ground.just like any traditional agricultural tool that digs, shovels or rakes, also Rugiada need to be in contact with the soil, well hoisted in the centre of the garden.

water is the most important resource, and ddpstudio is trying to express the need to rethink its use, also in domestic gardening that seems to be in the next future a needed alternative for our nutriment.