MEI KAWA’s 2012 pre-fall collection was primarily inspired by ghetto-romance, although each piece has a touch of unexpected elegancy. This is how the emblematic bomber jacket is translated into a delicate shirt and a vest; similar to how cheap training pants characterizing suburban ghetto life are translated into fine linen pants. The collection is characterized by pure and minimalist design, the usage of natural fabrics and the focus on casual everyday wearability. The dominating colors are: „working class” blue, black, rusty brown, grey and white. The special usage of snap fasteners, which made MEI KAWA distinct in previous collections, is present throughout the new collection as well. Snap fasteners make it possible to put different layers of fabrics on sweatshirts, resulting in a whole new design, make the garment wearable in different ways and functions.

The campaign of the collection was created by the marvelous work of photographer Péter Hencz and creative director Angie Pálmai. The model is Tamás Keresztes, an actor at Katona József Theatre who is the perfect living example of the elegant and cheeky MEI KAWA man, for whom abstraction and function is equally important, who seeks pure design yet smart distinction at the same time.