Wooden desktop organizer, dedicated to the Russian avant-garde architecture.

The set consists of 10 elements, each having a function of its own (pencil sharpener, ruler, docking station for smartphone, holders for business cards, post-it notes and erasers, paper clips magnet holder, adhesive tape dispenser, organizer for pens) and each corresponding to a landmark of the Russian avant-garde structure — the Melnikov House, Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, Communication Industry Workers’ Palace of Culture , Moscow Raysoviet (District Council), Round Bathhouse, Communal House of the Textile Institute, Chimney of the Red Banner Textile Factory.

This project was presented for the first time at SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow’15 (fourth place).

Designers: Sasha Braulov and Nasya Kopteva
Material: solid oak

The idea behind the project was fourfold. When designing this stationery kit we set ourselves several goals:

1. We wanted to make the object that embodied the inspiration Russian avant-garde gave us, one could say, sort of Declaration of love and gratitude.

2. Besides we wanted to draw attention to this architectural direction, because it is indeed sad to realize that avant-garde is underappreciated in its homeland, Russia — a large number of masterpieces of avant-garde architecture could have been and should have been in a far better condition.

3. We aspired to create a really functional object, taking into account one of the basic rules of constructivism which is rational justification of elements, not a thing just for nonfunctional beauty.

4. We were striving to make the object a truly ecological one, and to think about the possibility of using natural materials to the utmost by using residues of carpentry companies.

This how this set came about — a few small functional items which people inspired by this remarkable period in Russian architecture could have on hand and use constantly. This is our gift to all lovers of Russian avant-garde and a modest contribution to the treasury of memory.

While testing our set, we realized that apart from the main purpose, the elements of this set can be used as baby eco-friendly construction kit and could be kid’s very first approach to Russian avant-garde architecture.


1. pencil sharpener and business card holder
Communication Industry Workers’ Palace of Culture
[P.M.Grinberg, G.S.Raitz]
St.Petersburg, 58 Bolshaya Morskaya St.

2. eraser
Moscow Raysoviet (District Council)
[I.I.Fomin, V.G.Daugul, B.M.Serebrovsky]
St.Petersburg, 129 Moskovskiy Pr.

3. ruler
Chimney of the Red Banner Textile Factory
[E.Mendelsohn, I.A.Pretro, S.O.Ovsyannikov]
St.Petersburg, 57 Pionerskaya St.

4. adhesive tape dispenser
Round Bath-House
[A.S.Nikolsky, V.M.Galperin, N.F.Demkov, A.V.Krestin]
St.Petersburg, 29a/3 Karbysheva St.

5. post-it notes holder
Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage
[K.S.Melnikov, V.G.Shukhov]
Moscow, 19a Obraztsova St.

6. paper clips magnet holder
The Melnikov House
Moscow, 10 Krivoarbatskiy alleyway

7. pens/pensils holder and smartphone docking station
Communal House of the Textile Institute
Moscow, 9, 2nd Donskoy Pr.


russian avant-garde desktop organizer

russian avant-garde desktop organizer 1

russian avant-garde desktop organizer 2