The Speaker cable drops down from the bottom cone of the speaker housing.
The speaker housing balances on a steel frame which sits 300/400mm off the ground.
Various geometric patterns used for the top cone.
Close up of top cone detail
Renders showing different colour options.

Using 3D printing technologies i experimented with the materiality of ceramic to produce a set of desktop speakers.
Suspended on tall steel frames the speakers hover above the clutter of the desk below and emanate an other-worldly feeling. The form was inspired by the speaker driver itself and evolved with the process of using ceramic into these repetitious structures with the irregularities of the print showing through as detail.
The forms vary in complexity through the cut out patterns and show how 3D prototyping enabled me to play with forms and scale in a creative manner.
The idea was to produce a set of speakers that allowed the owner some creative input. The patterned ceramic top cone and colour is interchangeable allowing for the user to select a desired aesthetic.