Saepio, which means “to surround” or “wrap” in Latin is the lighting series that uses beautiful and subtle curvature utilizing gravity. Hand woven fiber optic cable strings were connected to LED lights which made it to emit light. These strings were then hung together into patterns by the artist and left to be pulled naturally by gravity. The strings then settled into large and small curves, but as a whole they eventually formed one large, natural curve that wraps and surrounds itself.

Saepio was created in collaboration with Samsung Electronics who have sponsored their latest LED models and drivers for the artist which enabled powerful light source that was required for this design. World leading engineering company Altair also sponsored this project by providing thermodynamics calculation of the design.

Saepio will be unveiled for the first time at the Samsung’s Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt, March 13-18th 2016 and Il Hoon’s other latest works will be presented by Tajan during his exhibition in Paris from 19th – 26th April.

Studio II Hoon Roh combine innovative design with cutting edge material. The artist’s creative approach consists of continuous research, guided by uninterrupted experimentation. By forming a technological partnership with Samsung and Altair, the most high-tech inventions lend a hand to his creative process, thus carving a path for the future of design.

Dimensions: W50cm x L160cm x H130cm
Fiber optic, LED and Aluminium