a cube when it is separated with light
close up shot
with lights
lean on it while reading
diverse version
at the Rohsska museum

SAI, meaning “between” in Korean is a modular wall unit conceptualized and
designed by Jiyoung Seo, a student from HDK School of Design and Crafts,
Sweden. As the name suggests, its functionality works very much to bring
and store things in between the small silicon cubes in it. The cubes can
be removed or interchanged and used to store as per need, anything from
books, folders,pins, cloths, boxes and even paste notes or your pictures
on it. The strong grip of these cubes will keep your things safe and neat.
You can even go wild in designing the wall unit as per your mood. It can
turn into a criss-cross modern art or an organized shelf.
An interesting storage unit, where even the cubes illuminate when you
touch it and give a jazzy look to the whole wall. Whether it’s your
drawing room or study, whether it’s your office cabin or college board,
SAI can be dynamically used.

*If you need any bigger size of pictures please let me know. thank you!