SAKURA party popper
Showers o? SAKURA confetti
SAKURA party popper image
ROSE party popper

Party poppers are great for celebrating any event or party.
We all have lots of fun using party poppers, but when the party is over, we find ourselves with a big mess, not to mention that feeling loneliness being left behind.
These party poppers were made so that the blast out confetti allows one to dwell in the excitement, even after the party.

Party poppers pop, and confetti resembling petals of SAKURA and ROSE come blasting out.
Showers of SAKURA confetti from SAKURA party popper will remind Japanese of spring, and ROSE confetti that come out of rose party poppers will illustrate a picture of happiness, as though it’s creating a bed of roses down the aisle for the bride.
The excitement lingers, as you run into a petal in a corner of the room, or when you reach inside your pocket the following day… the party still goes on.