MOCO LOCO Submissions



Salle de Bain by UME Studio

A play on a classic architectural sample : the bathroom tile.

Everyday it exists in the corner of our eye, an invisible actor of our daily routine.

Out of context it becomes an object full of the rituals it witnessed.

On the “wrong” surface it attracts the eye – desires a touch.

Used the “wrong” way it is this newly found friend – that was always there.

The Salle de Bain series plays on an oft-overlooked architectural detail: the bathroom tile. By displacing the familiar shape from a quotidian surface to its own distinct form, the cast-in- concrete tray becomes a stage in which you can curate and display your favorite belongings for easy use. Three different sizes in simple geometries accommodate myriad items and routines.

Each tray is cast in concrete as a single piece.






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