Drum Table with Cedar Salmon Skins, Matte Finish, Solid Walnut Top.  18" diameter x 15" high
Drum Table with Coho Salmon Skins, Metallic Finish, Solid Walnut Top. 15" diameter x 22" high
Drum Table with Red Cedar Salmon Skins, Patent Finish, Solid Walnut Top. 15" diameter x 18" high
Salmon Drum Tables shown together. All available exclusively through SwitzerCultCreative.

In the spirit of gathering and living with local materials, Sabina has recently introduced tanned salmon skins to the Harvest Collection. Fish skins offer a unique opportunity to work with exotic leather, adding layers of texture, colour and luxury to each piece, without compromising her green credentials. The tanned salmon skins retain their original shape and are sewn together to create these luxurious occasional tables with solid walnut tops.
Available in three sizes and colours. Shown in:
Coho Salmon with Metallic Finish: 15″ diameter x 22″ high
Red Cedar Salmon with Patent Finish 15″ diameter x 18″ high
Cedar Salmon in Matte Finish 18″ diameter x 15″ high

Only seen on SwitzerCultCreative Web and Facebook Pages and on the Sabina Hill Website, these are new models.