interior Kitchen
roof deck
Front Facade
Slate walled Bathrooms
living roon
Back of the house with deck entrance
Perspective Overview with the Swan river beyond
Master Bedroom
Front of House

I am writing this follow up email on a house in Perth, Western Australia that was completed November 2011. It deals with the construction of complex geometry whilst working in the confines of a domestic program and function. There is no referencing to strict modernist typologies, and no attempt to demonstrate the existing suburban house typology. By way of its’ integration to the site, the house provides a playful alternative to contemporary living.
The unification of geometry and program is the driving force behind the project. The house ebbs and flows throughout the site, creating changes in roof height to provide intimacy in the bedrooms, and openness in the living spaces. The roof guides the program of the house in a dynamic relationship to incorporate the workings of a modern dwelling.
Nigel Westbrook, a scholar from The University of Western Australia, was in attendance for the opening party.
We have photographs by Brett Boardman, many of which can be sampled on our Enter Architecture blog link below. Additionally, we have a disc which can be sent to you, upon request. We hope that you might find an opportunity to for publication, and look forward to hearing from you.