The story of a unique journey
San Diego

Every single journey is the fragment of a parallel life. It’s one-off experience of a fusion of elements: the destination, the people, the places, the tastes, the memories.

This is the key inspiration of the collection: each t-shirt embodies the story of a new discovery: a boarding pass, an immigration form, a museum ticket, drawings and sketches. All kinds of travel memorabilia collected through the years become the leading characters of a extra-ordinary tale, told and printed on cotton.

The collection is made of four t-shirts, available for women only, named after the city they represent: SAN DIEGO, RIO, NEW YORK and VALENCIA. The former two are the first to be released.

All our bespoke and finely tailored tops have a specific design cut and they come in limited edition (of 499 pieces per t-shirt ), made using high quality lightweight soft cotton and eco inks by ethical makers, designed and printed in London. The t-shirts come in an innovative package specially designed for them.