Sandpen composition
current prototype
Drawing in a studio
collaboration with nature
collaboration with nature
children like it (too)
Mandala painting
on the beach
the heart of our Sand-Pen

The Sand-Pen is a mobile sand drawing device.

I will launch a kickstarter campaign: Preview at

The idea behind the Sand-Pen is a sand dispenser in the form of a pen. It allows users to draw colorful pictures on any surface. While the idea behind the Sand-Pen is simple, the ideas that you can bring to life with my tool are endless. The usage of sand for artistic reasons dates back a long time ago. Native Americans and other ancient cultures have worked with sand to express themselves in artistic and religious contexts. I think it is time to bring this tradition back to life!

The Sand-Pen can be used for creative in- and outdoor activities.It is a mixture between an air-brush and a pen. For Street Art it gives unprecedented opportunities, which we like to call “silent” or “small” street art. You can quickly draw a picture without damaging anything at all, since it will be washed away with the next rain.