Is a modular sofa that resembles the appearance of a natural landscape using one of the most sustainable materials available that are far away from furniture industry, recycled paper corrugated cardboard. In this project the interior environment is treated like a domestic landscape, as the desert constantly changes with the action of the wind the elements of this modular ‘Majlis’ has a very flexible application can be rearranged to accomodate different ocassions and groups of people such as a sofa in the living room, a waiting lounge in a dentistry clinic or a temporary shop or as a chill out zone during a busy event.

The smooth curves of the dunes are stylized applying a geometrical tessellation directly taken from Islamic pattern construction, usual cardboard furniture is based on a square grid that makes them collapsible while this product is based on a triangular grid that makes it stronger and durable than any other cardboard furniture. The final development of the elements and the execution are done through a generative design process and digital fabrication within a reasonable budget making it parametric and fully customizable.

The aim of the project is to create a sophisticated yet cheap domestic complete interior with a strong environmental consciousness and clear cultural and traditional values. The modules are studied in a way, that there is a minimum amount of waste. Each piece is the complementary of another so the left-over of one piece is helpful for another piece. As a result the pieces are stackable. Although the structure openly declares its cheap core the upholstered cushions can be tailored to appeal to the most sophisticated tastes.

The winner of the fourth annual Contemporary Majlis Design Competition at INDEX International Design Exhibition. Ivan Parati took the Jury’s Award, beating five other projects displayed at the show with his Majlis.The six finalists were shortlisted from more than 100 submissions from across the middle east.
The actual prototype has been excuted by Mr. Ivan Parati with the help of the Interior Design students at the Ajman University of Science & Technology for Uniconsult that is an autonomous entity that brings together academics and professional from several fields to share different thoughts on a common grounds. Its scope of work ranges from urban planning to architecture, from engineering to interior design mainly for educational and institutional projects.