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Saturn, “The user can flip over the seat to change its heights and functions.”

The seat Saturn uses the theory of anthropomorphism, as well as standard ergonomic theory. I discovered that pieces for the home are actually treated psychologically more like members of a family, associating feelings of familiarity, domesticity and aesthetic comfort rather than just ergonomic comfort. So still keeping some of the simpler characteristics prevalent in mid-century task chairs, I have designed a domestic piece which celebrates very simple functional characteristics, whilst allowing people to sit, stand or even lie down and work in a variety of positions and places around the home, with ease and enjoyment.

The user can flip over the seat to change its heights and functions. The hemisphere of foam helps the user to sit with a healthy posture. The user can also sit on the lower seat to use a laptop on their knees. As the chair is separable the backrest can be a towel hanger and the stool can be a coffee table, so suiting a domestic environment.








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