With sleek lines and driven by performance, Savora culinary utensils are created for the most discerning of food lovers. Savora products offer superb quality and exceptional functionality. With arresting curves and a palette of alluring colors, Savora blends seamlessly into the utility and aesthetics of the modern kitchen.

The Savora design team was charged with creating a line of kitchen tools and gadgets that deliver the ultimate user experience with a redefined and beautiful look. The designers were inspired by the passion and romance surrounding food culture. The products are meant to move people emotionally. The Savora Garlic Press is priced sensibly, retailing for $29.99, making it affordable for all audiences, including those who have grown up in today’s food culture watching Food Network or reviewing restaurants on Yelp.

Eye-catching and exciting, Savora makes a statement embraced by individuals who appreciate design and expect the best when it comes to preparing culinary creations. Each of the products’ design reflects trends that are seen in fashion, cosmetics, nature, architecture, and even the fluid contours of high-end automobiles. Each piece in the collection comes in eight striking colors.

The design challenge came from the team’s research, finding that the average gourmet recipe calls for five garlic cloves. With this in mind, the Savora Garlic Press was designed to be large capacity press capable of crushing multiple cloves (or one elephant garlic clove) at once for convenience and ease. However, to accommodate this increased pressure, the press underwent intensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure high performance. The FEA led the team to design a cast plate on the Savora press, which is stronger than traditional stamped plates and can withstand 300 pounds of pressure. The cast plate features over 60 cutting edges to efficiently slice through and crush the garlic and the draft reduces waste.

It was also important that the Garlic Press be easily usable by people of all statures. The size of the press was developed as a result of the designers and engineers obsessively mapping their own hand to create a press that had the largest range of comfort for both small and large hands. The result is a product tailored for optimal use and comfort.

The team’s goal was not only to make a product that was easy to use for all, but also easy to live with. This meant making sure that for the entire life of the product, including assembly, operation, and cleaning, the Garlic Press was engineered to create a five star experience. The team engineered a two-pivot design to the press, which gives users a six-to-one mechanical advantage making it easy to use. While the comfortably sculpted cast metal handle adds to the striking appearance of the body, it was designed to help the press remain ridged under pressure. The Savora Garlic Press has a unique standing design with a clear cap bottom made from reinforced glass that can hold a tablespoon of garlic while keeping oils off cutting boards and countertops. All attachments are easily removed and dishwasher safe.