Jon Chonko is a man who likes sandwiches and enjoys scanning them. For Jon, sandwiches are beautiful and personal objects that are easily forgotten or ignored. Through the development of “Scanwiches”, he explores the intricacies of sandwiches by slicing them and scanning them with his flatbed scanner. “The exciting hidden qualities of the everyday and mundane are what I am fascinated by,” said Jon when asked about the things he sees in the world around him that influence his work.

The origin of the idea came about during lunch a few years ago; the word “scanwiches” came up in the conversation and this sparked Jon’s curiosity. The next day, he scanned his sandwich lunch from Parisi’s Bakery and was amazed with the result; it was the birth of “Scanwiches”.

“Sandwiches like the hamburger tell us about the shaping of a nation and individual sandwiches can jog a long-forgotten childhood memory. Deeply personal and important stories hide between those layers of bread,” says Jon.

The “Scanwiches” exhibition will consist of larger than life street projections and limited edition prints (available in three different sizes: real, medium, and giant).qualot The exhibition will be open to the public starting Friday, November 4th and continue through December 11th. after which the limited edition prints and autographed books will remain available for purchase through JS55 Gallery’s online shop.

Jon Matthew Chonko was born in Austin, Texas and currently resides in Brooklyn where he continues to explore with sandwich scans.