"Scent of Light" prototype with an iridescent metal coating finish. image © laura chiarotto
First study: a drop of frozen essence which can be tilted to aim the light beam.  Models and sizes: table lamp and floor lamp. image © diego vencato
Research on different metal coating finishes.  image © laura chiarotto
Prototype: copper finish.  image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto
Prototype: iridescent finish.  image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto
image © laura chiarotto

SCENT OF LIGHT, table lamp by Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi

diameter 19 x H 30 cm

The table lamp comes from thinking of light as a fragrance.
This intangible matter has been frozen in an archetypal shape of glass and, using a new metal coating technology, it carries through an evocative world.

Light as fragrance. 
The first step of this project is to think of light as a fragrance, an impalpable matter that permeates the air we live in. “Scent of Light” is a lamp inspired by the perfume bottle, a very well known icon. Iconic and simple, light and delicate, it comes with a different but very evocative and contemporary usability.
Most of the work has been focused on how to represent the concept of non-matter and lightness, also working with a very new metal coating technology.

diego vencato [www.diego-vencato.com]
marco merendi [www.marcomerendi.it]
photo: © laura chiarotto [www.laurachiarotto.com]