Metro station “Schweizer Platz” turns into a light installation

During the light festival of Frankfurt Luminale the artist Fabian Gatermann (*1984) transformed the metro station Schweizer Platz into a light installation called City Light Charts.

The artist has created amorphous objects from different (stock exchange) charts like raw oil, cryptocurrencies, the dotcom bubble or different process data of migration.

“I was extremely interested in how I can create the maximum difference between the charts and courses and their displayed content. I wanted to generate a space between emotion, fascination and alienation” says the artist about his work.

Each artwork is made with special algorithms and computer-generated sequencing from specific charts to create an artistic analogy of the emotional pull. For the duration of the light festival Fabian Gatermann reclaims the space of advertising and transforms the STROER City Light Displays into reflexive objects.

Sometimes art does not quite get the space it deserves, for this reason art should position to the general logic of exploitation, the dictates of economy and petty bourgeoisie.The creative, artistic and subversive practice has to focus onto the context in which art appears.