big side table
screwed side and coffee tables, top view
screwed side and coffee tables, front view
screw thread
thread connection, detail
thread connection, detail
screw thread
disassembled small side table, top view
big side table, top view
different legs with thread detail

Screwed are a serie of side and coffee tables made from solid oak and colour-anodised aluminium. Both the tabletop and the legs have an identical thread, allowing the two materials to be linked by turning the legs into the plate. As a result the pieces can be easily dismantled and reconfigured, allowing different combinations in height and width. The complexity and precision of the table’s hidden connection is belied by the simplicity of their shapes and archetypical character.

Starting point for the project was a ‚wood thread‘- a traditional wood connection technique used for furniture whereby a hand tool is used to cut wood threads quickly and simple. The project is based on a personal involvement with screw threads and different thread cutting techniques. From traditional furniture wood connection technique to most precise metal thread cutting, hand threading tools and CNCmilling, the project explores the possibilities of those old and new connection methods.

Using oak wood and the colour-anodised aluminium, two quite valuable appearing material, is not just a choice of merging two materials but also a choice of question the bad quality and non- value / non-luxury assosiation linked to dismantable furniture`. In this sense a statement, that there shouldn’t be any
contradiction between practicability and beautiful good quality objects.

Table tops: solid oak / 2 leg versions: anodised aluminium or solid oak

Price: on request

Long Coffee Table: L 450 / W 1100 / H 325 mm
Small Side Table: D 360 / H 440 mm
Big Side Table: D 500mm / H 400 mm