Couietto, seamless leather iPhone case teaser
nappa leather iPhone case teaser
salmon leather iPhone case teaser

Hi !
We would like to share our latest product with you.
redmaloo loves the idea of using traditional materials and techniques and turning them into something modern with the added benefit of having a guilt free eco-friendly conscience.
Here’s a peek at our latest and greatest!

redmaloo meets Florentine craftsmanship: the cuoietto fiorentino seamless leather iPhone 4 case
This redmaloo design is produced using the Florentine traditional technique called “cuoietto fiorentino” that is deeply rooted in the past. Today, there are very few craftsmen who still utilize this craft and are able to pass it down to future generations.

Each item is individually made and hand coloured by skilled craftsmen. Therefore each piece is unique in its shade of colour. The leather is cut by hand and then softened and drawn over a mould, allowing a unique assembly that does not require stitching. In the final stage, it is coloured and polished with brushes.

This unique redmaloo case comfortably fits the iPhone4 and 4S and is available in limited numbers exclusively through our Online Shop for 69,00 Euro.

If you send us your mailing address, we would be happy to send you a sample!

In our repertoire of iPhone cases, we also have perforated lamb nappa leather in four colours (lime, dark brown, pink, and white) and iPhone sleeves made out of Icelandic salmon leather –a stunning by-product of sustainable fish farming. Check out our website for more info. All of our items are handmade in Berlin and intend to give a warm and thoughtful touch to modern gadgets.

Included are a few links to our high-res pictures that you can use – iphone 4 sleeves



Looking forward to hearing from you – any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards from Berlin
Jula & Katja

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