peter yong ra representative jpg

I am part of a process that encourages favorable impressions, relationships, and sensibilities for the user. My furniture project was conceived as a line of honest and rich pieces. Through design, I aspire to communicate feelings of empathy by designing from a familiar story or an idea.

My senior project was based on the idea of discovery and the sense of treasure within everyday objects. The project consisted of an armchair and light fixture that were conceived as a line of “honest” and “rich” furniture pieces that promote favorable relationships and impressions. The NaMu chair was designed to embody family valuables and the sensibilities rewarded from them. On a daily basis everyday objects are inherited and passed down from one generation to the other to become family heirlooms. The NaMu chair represents the enduring moments that are formed with these meaningful treasures. The Kaji light fixture was born from examining the dependency of man’s relationship with nature and industrialization. In designing the light I deliberately focused on the primitive construction methods found in historical records regarding prehistoric dwellings built with “Kruk” architectural supports. It was important for me to identify this specific construction method to represent the idea that industrialization is not sustainable without the support of nature.

NaMu chair: white oak, teak, paper cord
Kaji lamp: teak, steel

images by adan torres