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Serendipity stool series by Daae Won

This stool is named ‘Serendipity’ which is molded with the extruded polyurethane foam and the strips of polyethylene.

The end product is the result of a moment of randomness that occurred during the molding of the stool.

During the first step, the strips of polyethylene are laid randomly in the mold like an improvised drawing, then the colored foam is poured in an irregular manner over the strips.

The foam changes its shape again by flowing and rising in the mold. As a result, its rectangular shape is detached and cut out from a smaller larger mass to reveal different sections.

Also at several times, during the repetitive random stage, moments come together and create different possibilities.

I intentionally make random moments, but no one can predict the outcome, which makes this stool so unique.







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