Beach Lounger "Basket" designed Sven Dogs
Beach Lounger "Ladycurve" designed by Sven Dogs
All Items of Serie "Fiji" designed by Sven Dogs
Dining Chair "Fiji" designed by Sven Dogs
Lounger Set "Fiji" designed by Sven Dogs
Dining Set " Fiji" designed by Sven Dogs

The new outdoor furniture collection series “FIJI” of graduate designer Sven Dogs. Manufacturer: www.villa-tectona.de
Fiji is an isolated group of islands in the southwest Pacific and lies about 2,100 kilometers north of Auckland, New Zealand. The series “Fiji” is inspired by the southern charm of this island group. Basket is very functional with its possibility, which you can open him, something can store and can finish him. At Lady Curve is the simplicity and elegance that passes the furniture to its user. A new series in a completely different design, different from what we are used to.