Consumers don’t want to put laundry detergent on their faces and will think a new line of body wash is just dish-soap in disguise – these were concerns of Seventh Generation.
The irony is that the perceptions of efficacy and credibility Seventh Generation fought so hard to achieve in the ‘environmentally friendly cleaning’ space were becoming a liability in portfolio growth.

We had to start from scratch to transform a now-mainstream brand into a desirable and unique redefinition of ‘clean’.
Redscout worked to determine what products to invent and how to design them. Developing a line, internally known as “Basics” for simplicity and disdain for excess and built the promise of “offering only what your skin needs, with nothing it doesn’t.”
Partnering with Seventh Generation’s fragrance and formulations team, we designed the first full health and beauty care line in the United States to feature the USDA Certified Biobased label.
Taking visual inspiration from the ultimate symbol of gentleness and purity – a white bar of soap – we established visual and tactile cues with enough thoughtfulness to suggested premium-ness, but without the price tag. The line is made from a recyclable milk-carton based material and utilizes slim-line caps that use less plastic.

Once consumers saw the package, smelled the scent, and tried the product, they were (pre) sold.
In August 2012, the line launched on Seventh Generation’s website. It’s now available at Soap.com and will be launched in Target stores in early 2013.
The response so far has far outweighed the product’s availability with thousands of “likes” on Facebook and emails sent to Seventh Generation directly.
Redscout is happy to be doing right by Seventh Generation and the seven generations ahead of us.

Photography by Ken Mizoguchi http://www.kenmizoguchi.com/