Artist's concept of Shed, from exterior
Artist's concept of Shed, from interior
Shed installation under construction
Shed installation
Shed installation detail
Shed installation sponsors
Shed installation interior
Shed/Mini installation
Shed installation
Artist's concept of Shed, assembly requirements

_iterative aims to engage the public through dynamic installations that challenge perceptions of our built environment. On the site of Historic Fort York during Nuit Blanche, we assembled a pavilion made of store-bought utility sheds. A pavilion traditionally serves as an independent structure removed from a larger context with the intended use of leisure and function. Shed provided a space of pleasure and relaxation inside the barrack structures of the Fort, to alter perceptions of a historic and important space of Toronto heritage.

There were two installations. The first is comprised of two utility sheds stacked together with the interior space linked
through passages. The exterior composition startles at first glance as one witnesses an ‘upside-down’ structure. Upon
further inspection, the pavilion functions as normal. The interior spaces were finished with insulating foam, to speak to the built environment and how we make ‘personal’ space. The second installation is an array of miniature sheds at ¼ scale. The grid-arrangement draws parallels to patterns of suburban development and draws comparisons with the rows of bare bunk beds surrounding.

Throughout the twelve hours of Nuit Blanche, Shed served as an object of art, and within the Historic Fort, remained open for the public to explore.