Solid cherry shelving system
Detail of multi-tiered cherry shelving system.
Walnut shelving system featuring a coat rack and adjustable light.
Detail of coat hooks on the underside of the shelf.
Three-tiered walnut shelving system with a light.
Carbonized pine shelving system created for the new Alternative Apparel shop in New York City.

I have designed a line of wall mounted products, such as shelves, coat racks and lights, that freely suspend from picture railing. They are all modular and require no permanent hardware for installation. The shelves are made from wood and are suspended from solid steel rods that hang from the picture railing. On the underside of the shelves are locking shaft collars that secure the shelf and allow it to be adjusted up and down along the support rods. Lights, coat racks and hanging bars may also be integrated into the system. Set-up only requires a hexagonal wrench to lock in the shaft collars.