ShineOns -  Boy - Stainless Steel
ShineOns -  Boy - Brass - on iPhone
ShineOns - Beetle -Brass
ShineOns - Beetle - Stainless steel - on iPhone
ShineOns - Sheep -Brass
ShineOns - Sheep  - Stainless steel - on iPhone
ShineOns -  Gecko - Stainless Steel
ShineOns -  Gecko - Brass - on iPhone
ShineOns -  Frog - Stainless Steel
ShineOns -  Frog - Brass - on iPhone

We created and finally launching ShineOns (www.shineons.com) peel-and-stick jewelry for your phone,laptop, or any creative application imaginable.
it is a new product category, we haven’t found any products like it in the market.

A collection of laboriously designed 24 pieces etched and painted on brass or stainless steel plates set with Swarovski crystals
(better see the photos to understand…), attached with 3M double-sided adhesive.