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When glass ends up in the ocean it is transformed. Wave action tumbles and polishes it smooth against the sand. Just as the sunken and cracked dead hull of a ship becomes the base for reefs and beautiful new life, smashed bottles and other glasswares become precious treasure. Shipwreck is an upside down and abstracted view of its namesake. Suspended by fishing line from bent ash stringers, the sea glass undulates in the form of waves photographed while whale watching off the northern tip of Cape Breton. Shipwreck is a sculptural lighting piece, inspired by the natural processes and the pressure of time evident in the materials used. It is an exploration, an illumination, of the real histories behind everyday materials.

Made with naturally polished sea glass found on a beach in Cape Breton, the light bouncing through the glass makes each piece glow from within. Shipwreck uses a low-voltage, energy-efficient LED strip light source, cleverly using the hanging wires to provide power and grounding, for an elegant balance.