British Interior design consultancy Elliot James, were briefed to create the most luxurious of offices in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District.

With a vision of a combination between a New York loft apartment and an English gentleman’s members club, Elliot James undertook the task of creating the a space every business owner would envy.

C L I E N T : Quadria Capital Investment Management S I Z E : 3,600 SQFT
YEAR: 2015
L O C A T I O N : Singapore, CBD
I N D U S T R Y : Finance
D E S I G N E R : Elliot Barratt
D E S I G N F I R M : Elliot James Pte Ltd
C R E D I T S : Photography, Ken Tan

Designing a luxurious Hedge Fund office space in Singapore, Elliot James were briefed to create a stylish, comfortable office that whilst having a very high end finish, would be inviting and informal and take on the look and feel one would associate with a New York apartment combined with an English Gentleman’s club.

The project site was situated on the upper floors of three combined shop houses, which provided an unconventional space due to the original architecture of the building. This presented the opportunity to be extremely innovative with the interior design layout, and allowed the design consultancy to create a variety of different break-out areas where staff could remove themselves from the intensity and immediate stresses, even if only momentarily. These spaces include a secluded library, hidden breakout area, generous lounge, pantry, boardroom, and private offices.

Wanting to be sensitive to the architectural features of the building, Elliot James created private rooms and offices that preserved the open plan space by way of glass walls and partitions with thin black framework to separate the various rooms. Original features such as the thick concrete columns and exposed beams were left exposed. The classic shop house windows were highlighted by a contrasting black finish and the original concrete flooring was stripped back, polished and varnished to a high marble-like shine.

The interior design firm created a simple panelled wall for the main office and bespoke bookcase in rich blue for the library area. Over-sized, eclectic artwork provided drama, colour and impact against the simple background palette.

Through a mixture of lighting, Elliot James were able to create a soft, inviting ambience with areas of low lighting to help relax and escape from the more intense areas of the office.

The furniture was designed with deep, rich colours in mind in various quilted leathers and velvets. Using fabrics from Timorous Beasties, Elliot James designed a custom made bench with mirrored gold legs. The coffee table was also bespoke designed by the ID consultancy and finished in the same mirrored gold with smoked black glass for the table top. The specific tone of gold was to be an accent colour used throughout to conjure that feeling of luxury, opulence and sophistication. Sat against the mono background and tastefully chosen pops of colour, the finished composition is a layered interior with depth and intriguing details at every turn.

“I wanted to create a statement and lasting impression for all that visited the Quadria Offices. I wanted to create a space that would be impressive, interesting and powerful but would also remain inviting and make clients and visitors feel welcome.” – Elliot Barratt


Reception area with polished concrete flooring

Eclectic lounge area with bespoke furniture by Elliot James

Board room

Main open plan office area

The pantry