Dear “Moco loco” Team,

We are TAMBAKUNDA, a product design studio from Barcelona. We have designed two products for the smartphone photographers and filmmakers and we are launching the project through an INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign, http://igg.me/p/424643/x/2924424 . We think it can be interesting for your publication so please find attached a few sample images to give you an idea of our project. You can also take a quick look at www.shoulderpod.com and download hi-resolution pictures here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/od314vr4u4zwr7a/OaHXuLWcIg (we have more than 10 pictures).


Thanks and regards from Barcelona,

Ana María Vicens
Architect & Founder

C/Francoli 26 local 2
T. (+34)•935•341•444


Contact me on Linkedin
twitter @anamariavicens
Skype: ana maria vicens pedret

Mobbo & Handdo by Shoulderpod
A holder and a handle that will convert your smartphones into professional photo and filming gear
SHOULDERPOD is a new brand for the smartphone photographers and filmmakers. We are a design studio from Barcelona and we love taking pictures and filming with our smartphones, but we couldn’t figure out how to hold them correctly, so we designed MOBBO and HANDDO
MOBBO is a tripod holder, a camera grip and a stand for your smartphone. It fits almost all models and is extremely secure
MOBBO can be used with almost any smartphone. with or without a case. No matter if you use an iPhone, a Galaxy, a Nexus, an Xperia or any other model, with MOBBO you will be able to hold your smartphone in many different ways for telling better stories. Its grip range goes from 48 mm up to 90 mm and thanks to its pressure screw and its rubber pads, MOBBO will hold your phone securely even under extreme conditions. Use MOBBO as a holder for mounting your phone on a tripod, as a grip for holding it like a professional camera or as a stand for taking selfportraits on the go. MOBBO stands on its own, in landscape or portrait mode so is perfect for travelling. It can also be used as a camera grip and as a tripod mount. It is perfect for taking steady video clips, self portraits, time lapse movies or for browsing or editing your content on your desk.
HANDDO is a universal handle that can be attached to your MOBBO or to any other camera.
HANDDO is an ergonomic handle machined from aircraft grade aluminum that can be attached to your MOBBO or to any other camera equiped with a standard 1/4 tripod thread. It has a highly resistant black anodized finish and a rubber pad to protect your camera. HANDDO will allow you to hold your smartphone or camera comfortably and securely. With HANDDO you will be able to take steady video clips, “stretch-arm” portraits or film yourself. Experiment with low shots or high angle views, … and yes, you can also use your HANDDO if you already own an iPhone tripod mount like the “glif”. HANDDO is great for taking steady video clips, low shots or high angle views. It is also great for your “stretch-arm” portraits or to film yourselves.