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My name is Jonay Cogollos.  I am a painter, engraver, teacher and furniture maker-researcher  among other things and with this short e-mail I’m willing to introduce myself and some of the latest works I’ve done.
I develop my artistic work as a painter-engraver but at the same time I search for an interaction between my graphic and artistic processes, and the making of furniture.
The approach behind those works is closely linked to the concept of applied arts, incorporating compositional factors, plastics functions and my own creativity to objects of function and everyday use. With this work I continue to create household furniturte using recycled materials. Through the use of pallets and wooden slats I have created this three-door sideboard. I have reinforced the structure because the aim of this piece of work is to support the weight of a huge aquarium. With this project I have investigated and learned a lot of interesting things about hinges and other joinery elements normally used for furniture.