“Signals Crossed” is a portfolio that attempts to explore the phenomenon and effect of the proliferation of animated LED billboards that are currently blanketing urban environments. Using moderately long exposures to capture the hidden, chaotic, and at times, beautiful patterns that occur in between and during the animated advertisements, was my attempt to display these patterns as a true analogue for the disorder and overstimulation that these adds are having on the collective thought process. The end result is the intending advertisement melting away, and what remains, is a mirror of its affect on the viewer.

All the images were captured using 8×10” & 4×5” view cameras. I hand make the final prints as 20×24”, 30×40”, and 40×50” toned silver gelatin prints.


Cohan variations triptych

time square-marriott marque-1

time square-marriott marque-2

time square-marriott marque-4

Hotdog vender-1

3am 7th ave-1