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The wall clocks Silva. The wall clocks Silva.

Silva is a householder of the DAM family with a friendly appearance. This piece results from synergies between designers, artisans and the industry. Between tradition and modern times, this wall clock combines materials and traditional techniques with creative and innovative drawing. The portuguese culture and the common everyday things were the inspiration. This wall clock is suspended by a straw strap hung from a fixed wall peg. The character’s mustache corresponds to the hour indicators, bestowing a decorative and narrative personality onto an object which is usually merely functional. The materials are solid beech finished with colorless matt varnish and hand-sewn straw braid (strap). The hours indicators are in cold white. The dimensions are W20 x D5 x H43 cm / W7,9’’ x D2’’ x H16,9’’. Silva is destined for indoors. Until 15th July, everyone can get your Silva on the pre-sale campaign of the DAM on Kickstarter:

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